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EVA Productions has decided to relocate their new headquarters in Dasnai.  Plans for a 120m+ building were drawn up and approved.  A 137m tower was built, holding offices and the top two floors for a penthouse.  (I know it’s a terrible design but you must have ugly buildings in a city)


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A 15-story Radisson hotel has been erected up on West Point.  Artists where commissioned to create a mural out of glass on the south end of the building and it is the largest piece of artwork in the city.  For a little while this building will make an impact on the skyline because of the small amount of buildings I have put in the city, but not for long.  As you might have noticed construction has started on the plot next to it.   Inspiration? its in Salt  —-  —-

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A new residential/hotel tower has opened its doors on the front coast.  At 152m, the Soliloquy is on of the tallest (ATM) buildings in Dasnai.  It had been in planning stages for a while but when it finally got approved it was built fast.

The Soliloquy dominating the surrounding buildings.

Also to the right of the Soliloquy a Grand Residences has opened for business.

A small office tower near the KG tower was also built next to one of the only old buildings that survived the Fire.

Some of these buildings were based on existing buildings or design proposals. See if you can guess the buildings that MetAir, Soliloquy and Grand Residences were based on.

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New Tallest building




Some new additions on the frontal area.  New tallest at 195m so still under the Skyscraper level.  It seems that because of the small plots many of the buildings will be thin.  I’ve been trying to think of some names for the Front Neck and headland parts of the peninsula so I dont have to call them those names.  Any good ideas?


5 New buildings


Very Thin 100m something tower








Skyline at dusk.  Also the Kadnen Tower.

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Established circa. 1418 on a small rocky peninsula, Dasnai was founded mainly as a merchants port.  Because of its location on the mouth of the Hadlen river Dasnai soon grew to a bustling town of commerce.  As more ships came and went bringing exotic items and people to the town, the name Dasnai leaked through to many wonderous places in the world.

The town, glamorous and peculiar as it was, had a problem.  It is not a usual problem that populated places have, Dasnai’s problem was that the city did not have enough land.  The small spit of land that held the core of the city was always overcrowded.  Throngs of people lined the streets every waking hour.  And so it went for hundreds of years.

But situations always change. It happened in August, and it left an imprint forever after in the minds of the citizens as the Fire Days.  The city was as dry as a dried up riverbed when by accident someone tipped over a lantern. The flickering flame spread into a raging inferno that lasted for 5 days before it was quenched.  Nearly all of the wooden buildings were gone and a large amount of the masonry buildings were damaged beyond repair.  Thousands of people were homeless and destitute.

Everything was almost going to go beyond the point of no return when Tourane M. Dasnai was brought in to asses the situation.  He managed to find homes for the affected people in neighbouring villages.  Work groups were organized to erect new buildings and roads.  Mr. Dasnai grew to be so well-respected there began to grow rumors about him.  Some said he never slept and was always working. Others said he charmed people to work their best and so on.  In fact he did do many things that another man could not have done in his place.  An aura of reverence settled about him.  A few years went by and the city was rebuild and renamed Dasnai and to the people’s great disappointment Tourane M. Dasnai left to a far away place.  A bronze statue was set up to commemorate him. He laid the foundation for what later became a great city.

Looking out at the tip.

From the headland.


MetAir building.  Tallest so far at 182m.

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